Thursday, April 14, 2011

I-League 2nd Division.

NISA #football club, #Manipur will take on Southern Samity, #Kerala in one of the most important game of the group today, 14th April 2011. It's do or die situation for NISA FC. NISA is standing 3rd in the league table and will be meeting a formidable opponent Southern Samity with better position standing at 2nd position in the Group A. Nothing less than a win for NISA will see them through to the next round. And It seems like an uphill task for NISA football club. Will they be able to upset the favourites? Let's hope for the best and support NISA FC. All the true football fans of Manipur are rooting for your grand success. Make us proud. :-)
Please click this link. join and support the NISA FOOTBALL CLUB FAN PAGE.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Champions league: Chelsea all the way.

Power cut for the last 3 days. So, I Wont be able to support my fav. epl team @chelseafc I hope they utilised manure united the way they want. 2 goals and they r toast. :-) Go for the kill, search, seek and destroy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I want to see how Indian Arrows Football team plays the beautiful game. Duck you the AIFF and its president. There's no F-word in mobile T-9, so duck it is.

Irom Sharmila image

Irom Sharmila image is being tarnished by 1 school of thought. As #Manipur become one of the fertile ground for human rights abuser both state and non-state machinery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funny humour revisited :)

"GADHE KEE PECHHE EK AUR GADHE, USKE PECHHE MAIN AUR MERE PECHHE SARA DESH" << Hindi loving teacher in an English School trying to make the students learn the spelling of "ASSASSINATION (ASS - ASS - I - NATION)".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Manipur State league champion's NISA Football Club lost to newly formed United Sikkim in the ongoing 2nd division Group A league match. John D. Meyongr scores 2 goals at 30’ and 52’ during the stipulated times. This is the first defeat for NISA in the ongoing competition.
 After 5th edition of professional league, many football fans of these sporting states will be expecting better result from various professional club of the state. This defeat raises serious questions on the quality of professional club in Manipur. Are they prepared to meet the challenges of quality opponents coming up in the different parts of the country?


Thought I knew you are the one,
always believe am not the type for you,
tried to have a conversation with my interest only,
end up knowing someone else through thyself,
couldn't make myself visible,
years passed being unnoticed.
          Hours turn into days,
          days turn into months,
          months turn into years,
          your thoughts maketh me miserable,
          tried to make myself at peace,
          making myself being something else,
          days seems to pass by so fine,
          years passed being unnoticed.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Sitting here all alone,
drowning in the darkness of dark nights,
knowing how deep I've got myself into.
I used to be someone I know myself to be,
when did the darkness of comfort swept me away,
All I have been doing,
puff by puff,
smoking my youth and dreams,
wondering where I've reached.
I need to let go of the golden nuts,
and look for a guiding star.
I gotta know myself again.